…then jon and i went to the city like we always said we would and stayed up all of many nights in the san francisco of 67 sf state peoples park tower records the fillmore winterland altamont tim buckley richie havens chambers brothers and van at the lions share. johnny star and the small got by in marin, but it wasn’t until i got down to pescadero and up the road in loma mar that i found plutonium with bobby flaming-o, (you didn’t get the job, bob) and tryin t get t you i somehow found myself getting modern in slo town. i was blessed to come alive with a heart full of cyanide cuz robots found me in an alley next to the world famous dark room. like a spirit in the night i am lucky that time and a river have been on my side. at the bottom of my wishing well i am still standing by the sea still east meeting west somewhere down at the bottom of a million oceans, and up on a mountain where the eagle flies with my brothers and sisters and children and friends and robots and angels i have heard on high.

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